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Career Opportunities

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    Software engineer

       Job Responsibilities:

        1) In accordance with product and customer needs, complete the application layer software function design, development, commissioning work.
           2) Improve and optimize the platform native applications, analyze and solve all kinds of application layer software failure.
        3) Software development related to writing, including technical writing software design specifications, test specifications and the like.

       Job Requirements:

        1) 1 - 2 years of programming experience, or graduates
           2) Computer / Electronic Engineering / communications and related fields
           3) Be familiar with C ++, Scripting languages such as python, ruby, perl and other languages, proficient Qt programming and VC
           4) Has good hardware knowledge and understanding of the system hardware and software architecture
           5) Good communication skills
           6) A good team spirit, hard work, proactive, eager to learn

    Hardware engineer

       Job Responsibilities:

          1、Responsible for automation / mechatronics system / wireless test system design, installation and commissioning
          2、 Responsible for product hardware design, component selection, schematic design, PCB design work.
          3、 Responsible for the integrated system linked to reconcile the field test;
          4、 Development of authentication scheme, complete hardware test, hardware debugging;
          5、 Preparation of hardware design documentation, test documentation and other relevant documents;

       Job requirements:

          1、More than 1 year working experience in electronic product design, electronics (communications, automation, electronics, mechatronics, and other related professional) Bachelor degree or above;
          2、 Skilled use of at least one EDA tool (cadence allegro, Protel, etc.) for schematic design, PCB design;
          3、 Skilled use of at least one engineering drawing software (AutoCAD, etc);
          4、Work is meticulous, careful patient, strong sense of responsibility, good learning ability, organizational communication skills, teamwork skills;
          5、Familiar with the servo motor, stepper motor (Mitsubishi, Fuji, etc.) is preferred;
          6、 EMC, EMI application experience is preferred;
          7、 There are software-related experience is preferred;

    Project Engineer


          Coordination of all project management activities and resources to meet the requirements of project development, cost control, production quantity, delivery date, quality improvement and technological progress. Participate in the new design automation equipment.

       Main duty:

          1、 To achieve the objectives and management automation project, responsible for budget and resource control;
          2、 Responsible for assessing new technologies, new concepts, new processes and new processes;
          3、 Responsible for automation concepts to meet customer demand;
          4、Monitor progress and prepare contingency plans;
          5、Do the design and quality of the final decision;
          6、Participated in the study, diagnosis and improvement projects;
          7、Analysis, confirm and make recommendations on major quality problems;
          8、 With the relevant customer communication and coordination, suggest improvements to reduce costs and improve production efficiency;
          9、 Guide team members to provide adequate documentation and technical services to customers;
          10、Supervise and assign team members work to build a good team

       Required Skills:

          1、 Mechanical and electrical / electronic or electronic / magnetic / control / communications / computer or related field
          2、Familiar with the computer program data analysis, familiar with electronics and circuit theory or knowledge
         3、 Familiar with automated production processes and related parameters
         4、 Good management, motivation or communication skills

    Sales Manager / Director:

          1、 Responsible for the promotion and marketing of the Division I independent development of intelligent manufacturing platform and wireless test equipment / solutions.
          2、 The development of new customers and maintain existing customer resources.
          3、 Leading the company's sales team and R & D team works closely to respond to client needs and problems.
          4、 With industrial automation, RF test, vector network analyzer technology-related experience preferred.
          5、Having 2--3 years of sales experience in related industries.

    Administrative Assistant

       Job Responsibilities:

          1、Assist the general manager and the daily work in other sectors.
          2、The general manager responsible for arranging meetings, travel and other matters
          3、 Responsible for daily attendance statistics, visitors reception staff;
          4、 To assist the financial field related matters
          5、 Assist engineering and sales departments to coordinate arrangements with customer communication and project follow-up
          6、Assist marketing Dunning, finishing contractual services

       Job requirements:

          1、 Skilled use of office software;
          2、Learning ability, affinity, good communication, coordination and ability to adapt.
          3、Lively, quick thinking, flexible;
          4、 In any discipline, financial literacy a priority
          5、 College education
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